Viewsonic FV Street Fighter 5: Next Gen Fighting

After a year hiatus and back by popular demand, Comic Fiesta in conjunction with Viewsonic,FlashVision, Armageddon and AK Racing is proud to announce the return of Street Fighter, now in its 5th iteration. New Gen, New Graphics, New Moves, sign up now to see if you still have what it takes . Read on for tournament registration details, rules and regulations

Venue: PWTC Convention Centre
Date: December 17th-18th
Game: latest version of Street Fighter 5 (PS4)
Registration Fee: RM60 (inclusive of 2 day passes to Comic Fiesta 2016*)
*Payment must be made upon registration at competition counter.

Champion – RM600 and Viewsonic Monitor
1st Runner-up – RM300 and Armageddon headset
2nd Runner-up – RM100 and Armageddon headset


Tournament Format:
1. Matches up to Top-8:
The matches will be played in a first-to-two format. The first player to win 2 99-seconds round wins a game and earns a point. First player to gain 2 points wins the match.
2. Top-8 onwards:
The matches will be played in a first-to-three format, with no deuce rules. The first player to win 2 99-seconds round wins a game and earns a point. First player to gain 3 points wins the match.
3. A winner of a given game must stick to the same character for the next game with the same opponent. Only the loser of the game can counter pick with another character for the next game with the same opponent. The winner can however choose a different character order and assist if his opponent counter picks with a different character.
4. Blind pick is in effect and can be requested by either player before the start of a match. When a player chooses to blink pick, he/she and the opponent will whisper the character they’ll be using to the marshal and the marshal will make sure both players uses the said character in their match. Point number 3 is in effect after the first game.
5. Games will be played out on PS4 systems. .At the beginning of a match, you are allowed TWO (2) minutes or 1 round to test buttons and configuration. The match will be restarted once both players are satisfied with the buttons and configurations or the TWO (2) minutes are up.

Rules and Regulations:
1. Both sticks and gamepad allowed.
2. Players will have to bring their own controllers and sticks
3. Swearing, abusive language/gestures or unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. This includes deliberate distractions and disturbances to other players while a game is in progress.
4. Accidental presses of the PAUSE or HOME button will result in a warning by the game marshal. If the offence is repeated in a match, the match will be forfeited and the opponent awarded a win.

Kindly message any of the PICs (listed under registration) with any further questions you might have.

See you at Comic Fiesta 2016~!