K-ble Jungle

Our next performer lined up is K-ble Jungle! Eriko and DJ Shiru offer a show in which the differences are harmoniously settled; energy meets grace, the East melts with the West and the show is a blend of original engaging J-pop songs, dark/gothic songs and traditional pieces and cartoons soundtracks covers.

Eriko represents the pretty side of the pop/rock duo: she moves on the stage like a kawaii and graceful figure, enchanting the public with her voice and her angelic smiles. She is a musician: she plays the piano, has a diploma in singing, and makes a wonderful use of her crystal yet strong tone of voice and her overflowing liveliness.

DJ Shiru is the energetic and rock side of the duo, he always proposes new and creative ideas; he is one of the forerunners of Japanese music in Italy both as a DJ and a concert and show planner. DJ Shiru has worked with many Japanese musicians, and regularly tours Japan every year.

The duo has played live in comic conventions and Japanese festivals in Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Japan, Germany and the USA. This is their first time in Malaysia!

Their discography includes a first album of original songs, published with the title Oikakete Future in Europe and as Rossoviola in the USA and Japan. A second album, published this year, has been titled Comics, Games and Cosplay. Their new album, containing anime soundtrack songs, was published in the end of 2016 on iTunes and Amazon for the Japanese label Goma Studio Records.

It includes official cover songs of some classic anime series, such as Sailor Moon and Doraemon, Evangelion and even a song from Laputa, of Studio Ghibli production.