Born in 1989 from Oarai-machi, Ibaraki, yuyoyuppe started his career as a VOCALOID producer after forming a local band in Ibaraki to have a flat to listen to music.

He later debuted in 2012 with YAMAHA MUSIC under the name yuyoyuppe, and has since received over 10-million views for his YouTube and NicoNico videos.

He is most known as the both Sound Producer and Formal Remixer for BABYMETAL, and the Vocaloid Producer for LOUD MUSIC and DANCE MUSIC; his name gaining world-wide recognition by 2014 with BABYMETAL having gained top placing in overseas METAL charts like iTMS U.S.A U.K DE.

In addition to his work as a DJ, he creates music for other Japanese performers (e.g. Japanese idols and voice actors) where he creates and produces both remixes and original music.

He is also a member of a band, with a style that is not to be limited to only a genre. He’s received a lot of respect from the rock scene.

With fans from all around the world, he has appeared in music festivals in Japan (e.g. “COUNTDOWN JAPAN”, “ROCK IN JAPAN”), and performed in Vietnam, Singapore, Chile, Taiwan, and also Philippines.

Career Highlights:

Sounds producer for BABYMETAL.
Produced the music of vocalist “TAKERU” from SuG. Visual kei bands in Japan.
Produced the music of voice actor “Shouta Aoi”.
Japanese Idol group Momoiro Clover Z’s music arrangement.
Japanese Idol group Denpagumi Inc.’s music Remixed.
GOD EATER 2(from CAPCOM) OP theme song F.A.T.E Remix

He posts his work on YouTube under the name DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING, you can check it out here…