Cosplay Pose-Off Competition

Comic Fiesta Cosplay Competition is back and is now up- for pre-registration! If you’re keen to join in on the country’s last and biggest cosplay competition this year, read on and find out how you can participate~

Format: Solo Competition
Format: Onstage, -1 Minute Free-Play and Free-Posing afterwards
Slot Limit: 30 slots
Date: 16th December, 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 12.30pm – 2.00pm

* Best Male – RM 250 + Free Entry to Comic Fiesta 2 018
* Best Female – RM 250 + Free Entry to Comic Fiesta 2 018
* Best Prop – RM 100 + Free Entry to Comic Fiesta 2 018
* Best Costume – RM 100 + Free Entry to Comic Fiesta 2 018
* Special Snowflake – RM 100 + Free Entry to Comic Fiesta 2018

Pre-Registration Deadline: 12th December 2017

Stage 1: Free-Play
* Contestants will be given one (1) minute on-stage to present themselves as the character they are cosplaying as. This can either be through (e.g.) some action poses, a short skit, a dance.
* Contestants may choreograph an act outside than those listed above, however, any act planned must be informed upon registration.
* Contestants will be judged on:
o Costume
o Character Presentation
o Stage Presence
o Judges Bonus
* Contestants may request to have a maximum of ONE (1) other contestant to assist with their stage time. However, this MUST be requested in advance and informed upon registration. (In this case, each contestant will be judged individually).
* After that, all contestants will be required to reappear on stage to pose in turn with their fellow contestants.

General Competition Rules & Regulations
* Standard event cosplay rules & regulations still apply.
* Participants MUST be aged 13 and up.
* Participants are required to register themselves to participate.
* There is no entry fee for the cosplay competitions; but all participants in the cosplay competitions must have valid entry to Day 1 of Comic Fiesta 2017.
* This is a public stage. Kindly do not commit to anything that is overly suggestive sexually, violently, or rudely.
* Please make sure the stage is clean after your performance. Comic Fiesta reserves the right to fine participants who fail to comply.
* The use of self-constructed backdrops are strictly prohibited. Any prop above 5ft (height) x 4ft (width) x 3ft (depth) must be registered with Comic Fiesta upon registration for the competition.
* Judges decisions are final. Any complaints/comments may be entertained but it would be at the discretion of the individual and will not affect the final results in any way.
* No amendments will be accepted after the form submitting deadline & audio files WILL NOT be accepted or changed on site.
* Comic Fiesta also reserves the right change these R&Rs at its own discretion without prior notification.

Address any further inquiries or questions you might have to:

Good to go? Download the registration form here (<- Click the link) and send them over to NOW to avoid disappointment!